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Mandakini is a trusted brand that sells carefully selected premium quality artisan products globally. We are the world leader in Pure Silk Sarees, Bridal Sarees, Bridesmaid Sarees, Indian Wedding Sarees, Kanchipuram Silk Sarees, Pochampally Sarees, Ikkat Silk Sarees and Ilkal Sarees. 

Our Story:

The journey began in March 2016 with a simple but powerful vision: to bring to the world the unique art and skill of the women artisans and weavers of North Karnataka. Despite their skills, these weaver and artisan communities struggle to survive. A lack of design innovation, technology and knowledge of modern commerce have meant that these artisans have trouble competing in the global marketplace. These are small, family run businesses that don’t have the resources to optimize sales, which has doomed them to a life of poverty. Ultimately, this could result in this unique art form being lost.

At Mandakini, we believe in better. We believe in a prosperous and rewarding future for these women, their families and their communities. We believe that these women should get the recognition that their talents deserve. We believe in empowering these communities so that they can be self-sufficient and thrive.

           We exist to break down the barriers between the artisans and the global market.

The name Mandakini was chosen for our brand as a way of commemorating a very special woman – the mother of our chairperson. An entrepreneur herself, she spent her entire life working tirelessly to improve the situation for India’s women, specifically those who survived off their craft. We hope to continue her legacy.

Mandakini is not just a brand. It is a movement. Through the course of our journey, we intend to continue empowering other weaver and artisan communities across India. Because, when a woman is empowered, her community is also empowered.

In buying from Mandakini, you are helping us honor the ancient art form and the women who remain the gatekeepers of this skill. You help us bring recognition to a group of women who truly deserve it. We are passionate about giving these women an identity. We hope you will join us in forging this path.