Ilkal Sarees - Pure Silk Ilkal Sarees Online

Nothing screams elegance more than beautiful Ilkal Pure Silk Sarees flaunting authentic Chikki Paras borders and a pallu featuring checkered patterns known as Kondi and Gomi designs.

As the name suggests, Ilkal sarees are manufactured in the Ilkal town of Bagalkot District, Karnataka. These sarees are quite unique in their weaving technique, as the warp of each Ilkal saree is crafted separately. Later on, these warp threads are interlocked with pallu and border with a series of loops, and this technique is called the Tope-Teni technique.

The signature pattern to spot Ilkal sarees is their Tope Teni seragu pallu which generally has 3 solid temple tower bands with 2 alternative contrasting white stripes. This pattern is further complemented by wide traditional borders known as Chikki Paras, Gadidadi, Gomi and Jari.

Here at Mandakini, you will get to explore a variety of Pure Silk Ilkal Sarees featuring intricate Kasuti embroidery. This embroidery may be of lotuses, palanquins, or other unique patterns. Most importantly, Ilkal Sarees own the very precious GI Tag as a sign of authenticity.

Traditionally, these sarees use 3 different types of yarns viz. Pure Silk, Art Silk and Cotton. Ilkal sarees look quite luxurious and rich, especially due to their lustrous and deep maroon, red or gold borders. Commonly, there are two types of Ilkal Sarees- one that is handloom, and others manufactured by power loom. Handloom sarees are extremely popular and high-in-trend as they flaunt the traditional Ilkal weaving process. 

Ilkal sarees are very popular as bridal sarees for weddings in the Karnataka region, as red, maroon and other deep colors dominate these sarees. Moreover, the vast range of designs on the main body differ for each saree- some of them flaunt simple Ragavali checks, while others may feature Kaddi Chikki, Patang Checks, Jabra Patta, Mandap checks and Dapla checks. An interesting fact is that these Ilkal sarees were typically worn in Karnataka by local women while working in the fields daily. The design of the saree made them glow in the sun. These sarees generally have a plain body, but some may have rectangles, stripes or checked designs.

At Mandakini, you can find a vast collection of handwoven Ilkal Pure Silk Sarees online and Ilkal Art Silk Sarees with ensured quality and craftsmanship. Rich-looking, exquisite silk used in Ilkal Sarees make them ideal to be used as saree for wedding reception or a bridesmaid saree. From deep bottle greens, elegant purple to extravagant maroons, Mandakini showcases a variety of Ilkal sarees to choose from. Pair them up with any latest designer blouse and you are sure to steal the show with a classy and elegant appearance.