Kasuti Ilkal Art Silk Sarees

"Elegance of a woman and charm of her smile, nothing can top that, till she puts on her mother's saree (sari) for the first time."

Beautifully carved Ilkal Pure Silk saree with Kasuti embroidery of intricate geometric patterns, Mandakini brings you a wide range of PureSilk Kasuti Embroidery Saree with Blouse. Kasuti is a traditional form of folk embroidery practised in the state of Karnataka. The name Kasuti is derived from the words Kai (meaning hand) and Suti (meaning cotton), the term Kasuti is referred to making cotton products through hands, in this case, saree

These sarees have been fabricated by women weavers of Karnataka. From ancient times, Kasuti embroidery has been done entirely by women.